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Funding Activities

Civil Engineering - Funding Activities

Principal Investigator / Co –Investigator Title Funding Agency / Scheme Duration Sanctioned Amount
Dr.E.Sarojini, Prof & Head Developments in construction materials and technology AICTE/Seminar Grant 2013 - 2014 Rs. 40,000/-
Dr.S.Hema, Associate Professor Smart IAQ Monitor SREC 2019 - 2020 Rs. 12,400/-
Mr.P.Sooriyanarayanan, Assistant Professor R.Bhaviya, S.Divine salvia, G.Sriharini, R.Sulekha Electro-osmotic Consolidation of peaty/Mushy Soils at Nadkani, Nilgiris region for Landslide risk Reduction Management TNSCST - Student Project Scheme 2019 - 2020 Rs. 7,500/-
Dr.E.Sarojini, Prof & Head, S.T.Sudharsan, K.Venkat Ragavan, V.Tamil Selvan Experimental investigation and modeling of leachate from fertilizer and manures used in the agriculture fields TNSCST - Student Project Scheme 2019 - 2020 Rs. 7,500/-
Mr.A.Dinesh, Assistant Professor Characterization Development and Application of Cement based Nano Composite Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring of Beams and Columns SEED FUND 2020 - 2021 Rs. 1,10,000/-
Dr. S. D. Anitha Selvasofia, AP (Sr. G.), Ms. M. Tharani, Ms. G. Moulica and Ms. J. Prathiksha Lockdown turned ‘farm to fork’ – dream or reality! Agricultural situation in thanjavur, India before, during and after covid-19” TNSCST Student Project Scheme 2021 - 2022 Rs. Rs. 7,500/-