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The collection of artifacts, artistic objects, ancient materials and historical properties found in museums reveal the cultural ethics, heritage, historical and scientific importance. It is essential to promote the enjoyment and share the authentic culture to the public for the purpose of education and entertainment. An effective way to attract visitors and make them understand our ancient heritage and cultural and aesthetic  values are possible by an emerging technology in the right way to make the information reach the visitors in the best way possible. Augmented Reality can be an apt in the case of museum. This is done by making the public interact with the AR glass.  This will engage the public to visit the museum and increase the level of curiosity to know more about the history. As the application can run on most of the smart devices, it is likely to be experienced by the public and has the potential to become an often used and world changing technology. AR can effectively reconstruct the path of archaeological studies through 3-D augmentations, audio-visual graphics, text etc.,




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